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We offer a variety of one-to-one classes in singing/vocals (Rock & Pop/Musical Theatre/Classical), drums, guitar, music theory, and piano/keyboards. Students can opt to take Trinity College London examinations that are held twice yearly.

We also offer a specialised Introduction to Music class for our younger students aged 3+ years. This class is a child’s first step into the world of music. Through play and song, students will be introduced to music fundamentals, while nurturing an early admiration to it. Such activities include playing through rhythm, music appreciation, instrumentation, and sing-alongs, all tailored for their age. Body movement is incorporated in every activity, which will ensure that every lesson will be fun and full of energy, while aiding their understanding of every activity. These lessons are aimed to instil a love for music at a young age, while learning musical concepts which will improve every child’s creative and artistic side.

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Kristina Gatt Frendo (Vocals/Singing/Director:Crescendos)
Having graduated in Psychology and is now teaching PSCD, Tina has always loved the arts. She trained at Masquerade from a young age and has recently obtained her ATCL in Performing Arts. She studied singing under the direction of Gillian Zammit. Theatre experience includes Masquerade's Pantomimes; 'Jack and the Beanstalk', 'Aladdin', 'The Curse of Snow White’, and she has also played Principle Boy in Masquerade’s last Pantomime ‘Little Red Riding Hood and You Know Who’. Other shows include Masquerade's Musical 'Jekyll and Hyde', 'Rita La Porta' in Masquerade's musical 'Lucky Stiff' and Nurse Flinn in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’. She was the vocal coach for Masquerade’s Musical ‘The Little Mermaid Jr’ and will now be coaching singers in Masquerade’s upcoming Pantomime ‘Puss in Boots’. She has also performed at the Royal Albert Hall in a Beatles' tribute concert and forms part of the Voices Choir.
Maria Eleonora Zammit (Vocals/Singing)
Maria Eleonora Zammit is a qualified teacher, graduating in B.Ed. (Hons) from the Universita’ ta’ Malta and specialising in the Expressive Arts. Having started her career as a Drama Activity Teacher with the Malta Education Department in 2003/2004, Maria Eleonora then went on to teach at St Ignatius College Luqa. She started teaching Singing and Vocal Technique at Masquerade Theatre Arts School in 2010 and stayed on till 2014. She stopped for a period of time to further her studies and returned to the team again in 2017, both as a tutor and as Tweedle Dum in Masquerade’s Pantomime ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Maria Eleonora is a professional soprano who has performed both as a soloist and as part of ensembles in a number of venues around the Maltese islands. She started her vocal training with Dame Marie Therese Vassallo and specialised in opera studies with Ms. Miriam Cauchi and Ms. Karmene Radovska through Teatru Manoel’s Education Programme Toi Toi, where she formed part of the Teatru Manoel Youth Opera group. She recently finished her Diploma in Performance at the Malta School of Music, where she passed with distinction in all four disciplines of Solo Performance, Chamber Performance, History and Musical Analysis as well as Musicianship.
Nadia Vella (Vocals/Singing)
Nadia Vella trained at Hertfordshire Theatre School, UK where she completed a 3 year course in Acting and Musical Theatre and obtained an LTCL in Vocal Teaching. She made her theatrical debut playing ‘Annie’ in Masquerade’s production in 1997. This was followed by numerous roles in local and UK productions. She later joined the TIE South Western UK tour of ‘Working Space Theatre’s’ production of ‘Oliver.’ She sang the part of ‘Eponine’ in the 2013 premiere of the ‘Les Miserables’ screening at the Eden Century cinemas and was a guest artist in Masquerade’s ‘Comedy Tonight’ at the Manoel Theatre. In 2014, she was lead singer in ‘A night on Broadway’ at the Teatru Rjal, ’50 years of Maltese Music’ at Smart City under the direction of Mro. Paul Abela as well as ‘A night at the theatre’ at the MFCC with The PBS Orchestra and in December, was lead actress in local band ‘Red Electrick’s video of ‘Young Again.’ In 2015, Nadia played the part of 'Cecile' in 1565 in concert held at the MCC produced by Masquerade and was lead singer in ' The Angel of Christmas Eve' at The Metanoia Theatre as well as a soloist in Simply Queen. Nadia played 'Sherrie' in Malta's first running musical 'Rock of Ages' and currently works as a vocal tutor and event singer.
Julie Zahra (Vocals/Singing)
The Maltese vocalist who represented Malta in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest whose performance intrigued the BBC commentator Terry Wogan who commented “At last we hear some proper singing”. At this time, Julie was offered a contract with Sony BMG. Other projects over the years have included various theatre productions and performances abroad with bands and orchestras. In the UK, Julie restarted her music career and studies showing influences ranging from Classical to Jazz. Julie was signed with a UK independent company where she collaborated with various major players including Roger Waters. In 2013, she has released an EP of a mix of Jazz inspired cool alternative songs entitled No Loving with producer Owen Caruana and master engineer Christian Wright of Abbey Road Studios. Julie has given classical recitals both in the UK and in Malta, her repertoire ranges from oratorio and arias singing in English, Italian, French and German languages. Julie is currently based in Malta, performing and teaching both music and vocal coaching to various students.
Andriana Yordanova (Vocals/Singing)
Andriana Yordanova, an established soprano and voice teacher, holds a Masters in Opera singing and Vocal pedagogy and a Ph.D. in Music, both from National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” Sofia as well as a Master degree in Russian language and literature from the Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”. She won scholarships for the European Opera Thrust in England and the Academy “Boris Christoff” in Rome. She is a winner of competitions and a member of international judging boards. Her repertoire ranges from Italian, French, German and Russian operas to operettas, baroque music, Lieder and modern composers. Her career brought her from Bulgaria to Egypt, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Italy, and Austria. Since 2001 she lives in Malta performing in Manoel Theatre, Aurora Theatre, MCC, St John’s Cathedral and many other concert halls.
Karl Galea (Guitar)
Karl Galea is a guitarist active in various forms of music including jazz, manouche swing, funk, soul and folk. In 2008 he moved to London to study at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. After earning his Bachelor of Music Degree in 2011 he continued to work in London as a music teacher and session guitarist. Locally, some of his recent projects include the manouche jazz group Swing Nuages and also the Elata Quartet. He is a member of the polystylistic Maltese music group Kazinska, with whom he performed at Expo 2015 in Milan. He has appeared at the Malta Jazz Festival as part of the Fringe Youth Jazz Ensemble and continues to perform regularly with various jazz, funk and soul combos.
Marie Louise Galea (Piano/Keyboards/Music Theory)
Marie Louise Galea is a physiotherapist with a musical heart and soul. Studying pianoforte under Sister Beniamina Portelli, M'Louise always had piano teaching as one of her interests, and throughout the years she has coached various young students up to diploma level in both Theory and Practice. Marie Louise founded and conducted the Santa Margerita Children's choir for eight years, and was also a member of the St Monica Accordion Ensemble. She is now a member of the Malta Society of Arts. Marie Louise is very happy to form part of the Music Studio team at Masquerade.
Patrick Camilleri (Drums)
Patrick Camilleri is a Maltese drummer, known for founding the first Maltese blues band - The Creepers. Camilleri started playing the piano and the trumpet at age 8 and eventually picked up the drum kit at age 17 under the guidance of local teachers Ben Galea and Johnnie Farrugia. Later, in 2009, he achieved a Diploma in Popular Music (Drums and Percussions) from Tech Schools in London under the guidance of international artists like Drummer Darryn Farrugia and Percussionist Bosco De Oliviera. In January 2013 Patrick also achieved an Associate Diploma in Performance with the Trinity College of Music (London) with distinction.
Luke Cucciardi (Introduction to Music)
Luke was introduced to the world of music from a young age with Classical Piano and Music Theory. In 2017 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music Studies at the University of Malta, specializing in Music Composition. Luke also has a passion for technology, which is reflected in his compositional works, producing soundscapes and compositions for various theatre and dance performances. Notable works include Skylight (October 2017, MADC), Pandora’s Box (November 2017, Moveo Dance Company), Is-Serra (April 2018, Teatru Malta), and Jean, Where Memories Lived (May 2018, ToiToi Collective under Teatru Manoel).

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